Case Study:



Many facility owners are discovering how well 3D mapping and modeling can be used for promotional and progress reporting purposes. Both before and after a project.

Flight Evolved worked with a client to showcase new additions made to a water treatment plant. The construction and design was headed by a large Engineering firm.  Once the project was completed, it needed a proper presentation to promote their work. 3D mapping and modeling, coupled with high resolution video, is the perfect analysis and progress reporting tool

Our Flight

Since the water treatment plant is much longer than it is wide, it required long straight grid lines to be flown. Although the area of emphasis was only a small portion of the facility, the entire area was modeled in order to show where the additions occurred and what they looked like in comparison.

3D Facility Orthomosiac. Additions outlined in the shaded box.

The Data

The purpose of the flights were to showcase the new additions made to the plant. 3D maps and models showed the current construction progress and overall changes that were made. The orthomosaic pictured above is a perfect tool for showing plant managers and the public recent renovations.


The video below is the 4K video part of the presentation. The client included both video and the 3D renders we acquired to present to affiliated partees.