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Drone Hunting, A Conversation That Needs to Happen

In Uncategorized by David Ilgenfritz

We, the founders of Flight Evolved, are from Montana, so hunting is in our nature.  But drone hunting raises some scary questions about the future of our hobby. The Major of a small Colorado town, Dear Trail, has made national news for signing off on hunting licenses to shoot down drones.  Championed by an Army veteran named Phil Steel, an ordinance has been put before the town trustees that would make these licenses valid.  Unfortunately for Phil, the town trustees split 3-3.  The ordinance is now up for vote to the local population (550 people strong). Here are three of the key points …

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Lily Camera First Impressions

In Uncategorized by Jordan Rising

Attempt after attempt has been made for a follow-cam, especially if you’ve been paying attention to Kickstarter. None of these have really caught on, seeing as there is always some sort of major con, until now… Introducing, the Lily Camera. What is the Lily Camera? The Lily camera is a multirotor aimed at individuals who are more concerned about the activity they are participating in, rather than flying. The Lily camera is designed to follow a tracking device, usually worn on the operators wrist. The tracking device uses a combination of GPS and line-of-site to follow the individual. Different settings allow the …