dji partners with apple

DJI Partners With Apple | Exclusive Pre-Sales

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The announcement of the DJI Phantom 4 also brought an announcement of a new DJI partnership. This included an exclusive deal with the Apple Store that extends through March 23rd.

dji partners with apple

Many of us at Flight Evolved were not overly impressed by the new features on the DJI Phantom 4.  Though things like ActiveTrak and obstacle avoidance are nice, they tend to cater to drone enthusiasts who are not perhaps the best pilots. That being said, the drone is pretty cool and the $1400 price tag definitely doesn’t hurt.

A major wish of ours was for longer battery life, and it appears that DJI heard us. 28 minutes of flight time is a great step forward (and it appears their atrocious battery bay is fixed).

But debating the features of this new release is not the point of this article.

What shocked us most about the announcement today was the partnership that DJI announced with Apple.

Many people have playfully joked about the “wannabe-Apple” look and feel of DJI and their marketing.  It then shouldn’t be overly surprising that the two tech giants came together for this collaboration.  Just look at the reveal event…. Look familiar?


dji partners with apple

Being “Appleesque” is fine. The company has brilliant marketing. But what shocks us is the exclusivity of the partnership.

The new DJI Phantom 4 will be available for pre-orders later today on the Apple website, and will be an Apple Store exclusive through March 23rd. Retail stores however, will not begin to see the Phantom 4 until March 15th.

Though this will probably mean more profits for DJI, it leaves many smaller boutique drone resellers out to dry.  It is tough enough to compete with large Amazon stores, let alone Apple.

In the end, it is likely the benefits outweigh the negatives (in the eyes of DJI).  Their profits will likely soar from this partnership.  However, the exclusivity of this pact will definitely hurt their stock amongst the die-hard hobbyists and retailers who made them into who they are today.

How does the saying go…”You can never go home…”

It appears DJI has left its home and has begun to flex its muscles as a major tech corporation.

What are your thoughts on this new partnership? Let us know below.