drone case study

69kV Transmission Line LiDAR Acquisition with Ortho Imagery

Transmission Line Corridor mapping has generally been a game for manned aircraft, but with UAVs we are seeing this technology become accessible even for smaller jobs that normally were performed….READ MORE

drone case study

Aerial Oblique Mapping with Photogrammetric Camera Platform

Traditionally, mapping has been accomplished with LiDAR systems flown on fixed wing aircraft. Now, we can provide the same level of accuracy from a sUAS platform…READ MORE

Reservoir Volume Calculations for Precision Ag

In the Western United States, ranching and agriculture rely heavily on water to keep their farms and ranches alive. Water rights are governed by complex rules and agreements in order to provide fair use for those who need it…READ MORE

Hydroelectric LiDAR Acquisition for GeoTechnical analysis

When rockslides and erosion threatened a 90+ megawatt hydroelectric facility, Flight Evolved was called to help provide high density LIDAR modeling of the dam, banks, and spillways…

Solar Field Thermal Inspection and Ortho Rectification

Solar fields can cover hundreds of acres and require large crews working for multiple weeks to inspect them. For this reason, Flight Evolved recently partnered with a client to map a 120 acre solar field… READ MORE

drone case study

Waste Water Facility Inspections and Modeling

Many facility owners are discovering how well 3D mapping and modeling can be used for promotional and progress reporting purposes. Both before and after a project…READ MORE