Drone Thermal Imaging Services

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Drone Thermal Imaging Services

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In most industries, inspections are done visually – in the visible light spectrum. Flight Evolved has taken inspection and analysis to the next level – infrared light spectrum, aka drone thermal imaging. Thermal imaging broadcasts part of the light spectrum beyond what the human eye can see.

Drone Thermal Imaging is a great preventative maintenance tool. It can detect weak spots in structures, anomalies in components, overloaded electrical components, and many more. Prevention can help save millions of dollars for companies before equipment or structures fail.




The use of ROAVs (remotely operated aerial vehicles) can provide large solar arrays to be inspected in a significantly shorter amount of time. Once panels are found to be defective or faulty, they are marked with geotags and imaged with both thermal and daylight cameras for reporting and analysis.

Flight Evolved is one of the few companies that offers industry leading thermal orthomosaics. A thermal orthomosaic is a 3D map of a solar field, but instead of visual images, it is thermal images. The orthomosaics offer true survey grade accuracy, while being able to see large areas of a solar farm in a single large image.




Flight Evolved operates a specialized OGI (optical gas imaging) drone thermal camera capable of detecting gas and pipeline leaks. This means you can find “invisible” leaks that are nearly impossible to find in a visual inspection. Our ROAVs can cover ground much quicker and have equipment specialized in finding gas and oil leaks. This becomes invaluable when there is a known leak, but its location has not been found. Finding these smaller leaks before they become a major issue can save millions.

Pipeline and oil companies are realizing the benefits of thermal imaging, especially in the air. Not only are we able to detect gas and oil leaks much faster, but we provide regularly scheduled inspections from an entirely new angle. Using drone thermal imaging can detect an area that may be prone to malfunction in the future. Overloaded electrical areas and heating issues are invisible to daily operators, but now can be fixed before a major problem occurs.



Our Wind Turbine services provide a more accurate and safer solution to wind turbine inspections. We are able to capture drone thermal imaging of areas otherwise impossible or extremely difficult to access. All our inspections can be done while the turbine is running so there is no down time and provides a real time heat signature. One of the major proponents of drone thermal imaging is seeing heat signatures and anomalies while equipment is running. This is very difficult to do with traditional inspection methods with a worker on the turbine.

Flight Evolved offers both high resolution visual imagery with specialized thermal equipment. The visual images are outfitted with optical zoom on a high megapixel platform for the ultimate visual inspection. The high megapixel and optical zoom characteristics provide incredible detail for visual inspections. This level of detail offers better results, quicker turnarounds, and no climber risk.

Beyond visual inspections, we operate a top-of-the-line Flir thermal camera that produces stunning thermal imagery. Drone thermal imaging can detect minor issues before they become major problems.


Drone Thermal Imaging